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Magic lessons for children and teens

Course Outline:
Sessions 1 - 7 (regular class)
Session 8-9 (rehearsal for magic show)
Session 10 (magic show put on by students)

!Students will put on a magic show for parents/friends during the final session!

Each course must be taken during a semester.
Each class is 8 students or less (normally, 6).
Please read our policy

To register, please email to Elena Nahum Leroy (owner) with any questions you have.

Option Price
1.5-hour sessions
2017 Fall Semester (Sep 18 - Dec 11)
$272+GST (12 sessions)

Fall 2017 schedule for Magic Lessons:

Monday with Rosalind:
5.15 pm - 6.45 pm- Children+Teens

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