Professional and Fun Magic Lessons for Children and Teens

magic tricks

Would you like to
......make a coin appear out of thin air?
..... cut and restore a rope?
..... pass a saltshaker through a table?
In the world of magic, anything is possible. Things can appear, disappear, change places and even FLOAT! You are only limited by your imagination.

Magic is a beautiful art form combining visual, kinaesthetic, storytelling and acting techniques to create moments of absolute wonder.

So come join us, learn how to create wonder and amaze your family and friends!

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Some benefits of learning magic tricks

Our Magic lessons will help you:

  • increase self-confidence
  • develop creativity and problem solving skills
  • improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity
  • improve public speaking and presentation skills
  • improve storytelling and acting skills
  • develop focus and memorization,
  • develop patience
  • improve communication and interpersonal skills

In addition to developing life skills, it is a great way for self expression and a whole lot of FUN !!

More about magic classes

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